How to fill out your bracket:

1.) Click here to get to our group “VTRN 2017 BracketMania
2.) Create a personal username and password (it’s free) if you don’t already have one
3.) Once you’ve created Username & Password, you should be logged in. From there highlight the “Fantasy & Games” tab at the top of with your mouse
4.) Click the “Tournament Challenge” option under “Sections”
5.) Once the page loads click “Create Bracket” on the main page
6.) Once you’ve done this scroll down to the “Search Groups” tab and type in VTRN 2017 BracketMania” and select “Join Group” (Password: vtrn)

Scoring Procedures:

Opening Round: 10 points per game picked correctly

2nd Round: 20 points per game picked correctly

Sweet 16: 40 points per game picked correctly

Elite 8: 80 points per game picked correctly

Final 4: 160 points per game picked correctly

Final Game: 320 points per game picked correctly

Tiebreaker: Winning Score & Losing Score of National Championship game

If after these tie-breakers there is still a tie then we will go by who has the most teams left in each round starting at the end (National Champion) and then work our way backwards until we have a winner.


BracketMania Prizes

VSGA  – VIP Card gets you VIP Prices at over 200 golf courses in Virginia

Jersey Mike’s Subs Punch Card

Play It Again Sports Gift Card (good in Lynchburg or Roanoke)

Leesville Landscape Gift Card

Snowflex – 3 Lesson Pack

Upper Crust Pizza Punch Card

Rounds of Golf from local area courses

The Water Dog Certificates

Brick Oven Eatery Certificates

Emerald Limousine Coupons

Jersey Lilly’s Discounts

Programming Schedule

Mike & Mike: 6 – 10 AM

The Dan LeBatard Show: 10 AM – 1 PM

Russillo & Kanell: 1 – 4 PM

The Right Time w/ Bomani Jones: 6 – 7 PM